Erasmus France, Lyon 2016 Report – Ella Clare, year 10

Personal Experience

As a result of my trip Lyon,  I have become more self-confident; in addition the trip has allowed me to become more independent and has encouraged me to try more new things and step out of my comfort zone more. I believe that my trip to Lyon has helped me develop as I person. It has also improved my communication and teamwork skills due to group activities and working alongside people of other nationalities.

My social skills were also developed whilst taking part in Erasmus as a consequence of having to communicate with others; I also believe the trip has made me more tolerant of others through working with people who sometimes have different views to me.

My favourite part of the trip was getting to know new people and learning about the different cultures within Europe. Differences within culture were evident in the school set up, for example England being the only country to have a school uniform, in addition to other schools in Europe having teaching take place on a Saturday morning whereas in England most schools use Monday-Friday for teaching time, similarly with the different starting times. Through working alongside people of other nationalities I was encouraged to learn other languages and learn about the cultures of other countries.

Group Experience

Overall Erasmus was a great experience and provided us all with life skills such as teamwork, organisation and time management which will be beneficial in later life. In addition, it developed us as people as we had to live independently from our families and with people who we were unfamiliar with and as we could not speak the same language, we had to work harder to communicate. This again encouraged us to learn other languages.

Erasmus created new friendships. My favourite part of making new friends was creating links with other countries. These links have encouraged me to travel around different cities in different countries and learn about their culture and I hope to have a few years living abroad.