Fruit and vegetables do not always go hand in hand with fun. Many of us remember how we used to sit by the table as a child , while our parents were trying to force us to eat Brussels sprouts or a cauliflower. Now, when we have grown up we should be more aware of what we are eating. Our school often helps us to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by organizing different events. One of them was The Day of Healthy Diet which took place on the 20th of April in our auditorium.

To give an illustration of that day I would say that it included competition between all classes and the real learning about how some food products influence our health and what ingredients are inside them.. Apart from that, all students made delicious, healthy snacks which were estimated by a panel of jury. The event was a great way to connect fun with real learning . We all know that obesity is a strong problem among people in the 21st century so promoting healthy food seems to be an important issue . We all hope that projects like that will be repeated in our school soon.


Aleksandra Sobieska

A healthy day